All paddlers must be current members of CORA (Canadian Outrigger Racing Association) to have the appropriate insurance. In addition, we comply with CORA safety guidelines & the guidelines of the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).

All Paddlers must have read & signed the DOKA waiver and a copy of the
safety guidelines before using any of the equipment or facilities.

DOKA members must complete a medical form to leave on file at the clubhouse.

Paddlers must record their trip plan on the clubhouse whiteboard indicating:
time, destination, paddler’s names and ETA

All paddlers must have a CCG approved PFD (equipped with a whistle)
From October to March PFDs must be worn

All paddlers must be able to swim

Paddlers will check weather / water conditions before heading out.
N.B.- the OC-6 & OC-1 canoes are not to go out in the event of:
ICE (or -5 degrees temp) or FOG (visual range less than 200 meters)

Prior to departure a safety check of the canoe will be completed ensuring that:
the rigging is in good order, bailers, safety lines, lights, & whistles are in place as per the CCG regulations.

Canoes may not go past the navigation mark at dawn / dusk

Members will coordinate with other water users to minimize risk of accidents

Out of Bound Areas - (unless escorted by a support boat)
1) S. Arm of Fraser River
2) beyond the Westham Is. Bridge
3) During Nov.Dec.Jan.& Feb. the OC-1 must stay in Deas Slough – inside the Breakwater.

The OC-6 - should be equipped with a “dry bag” with a cell phone, a card with the addresses of Deas Regional Park, Riverhouse Marina, and the Rusty Anchor (cards are in the binder in the lock-up)

All OC-1 MUST have a PFD on the boat or on their person at all times
It is strongly recommended that OC-1 paddlers wear a PFD
Paddlers must :
belong to DOKA
be experienced and / or had an orientation
be able to get back into the canoe unassisted
post a float plan on the clubhouse white board
report broken or damaged equipment to the executive
Novices are to paddle close to shore & inside bridge area
Two or more paddlers may go beyond the bridge
Two or more paddlers may go beyond the navigation mark at their own risk

Failure to comply may result in member privileges being suspended or revoked.