Delta Members Safety Guidelines

Submitted by kathyp on Tue, 10/02/2018 - 02:54

All paddlers must be current members of the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association (CORA) to have the appropriate insurance.

In addition, we comply with CORA safety guidelines & the guidelines of the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG).  

All paddlers must be current members of the Delta Outrigger Kanu Association (DOKA) or be invited as a guest by a DOKA member.

All Paddlers must have read & signed the DOKA waiver and a copy of the safety guidelines before using any of the equipment or facilities.

All DOKA members must complete a medical form to leave on file at the clubhouse.

Paddlers must record their trip plan on the clubhouse whiteboard indicating: time, destination, paddler’s names and ETA.

All paddlers must have a CCG approved PFD (equipped with a whistle) From October 1st to March 31st, PFDs must be worn.

All paddlers must be able to swim.

Paddlers will check weather / water conditions before heading out.

The OC-6 & OC-1 canoes are not to go out in the event of ICE (or -5 degrees temp) or FOG (visual range less than 200 meters)

Prior to departure a safety check of the canoe will be completed ensuring that: the rigging is in good order, bailers, safety lines, lights, & whistles are in place as per the CCG regulations

Members will coordinate with other water users to minimize risk of accidents

Out of Bound Areas - (unless escorted by a support boat)

  • S. Arm of Fraser River
  • Beyond the Westham Is. Bridge
  • From November 1st to March 1st the OC-1 must stay in Deas Slough – inside the Breakwater.
  • Beyond the navigation mark before dawn or at/after dusk.

Delta Outrigger Kanu Association OC-6

The OC-6 - should be equipped with a “dry bag” with a cell phone, a card with the addresses of Deas Regional Park, Riverhouse Marina, and the Rusty Anchor (cards are in the binder in the lock-up)

All OC-1 MUST have a PFD on their person at all times.

Paddlers must:

  • Belong to DOKA
  • Be experienced and or had an orientation  Be able to get back into the canoe unassisted  Post a float plan on the clubhouse white board
  • Report broken or damaged equipment to the executive Novices are to paddle close to shore & inside bridge area
  • Two or more paddlers may go beyond the bridge
  • Two or more paddlers may go beyond the navigation mark at their own risk

Failure to comply may result in member privileges being suspended or revoked.