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The following documents the Delta Outrigger Kanu Association Restart Protocols.  All existing DOKA Protocols, Regulations, and Guidelines are still in force.

Background to Governance

The governing body (Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for outrigger canoeing in the BC Restart Plan is Canoe Kayak BC (CKBC).  CKBC reports through ViaSport to the Ministry of Health.  To be protected from liability, as a not-for-profit sport club Delta Outrigger Kanu Association must follow the guidance of CKBC.  DOKA will also follow the guidance from CORA.


On May 25 2021 BC announced it’s 4-step Restart Plan.  The Plan started immediately with Step 1.  Moving from one Step to the next will depend on a number of factors, including COVID-19 case counts, hospitalizations, and vaccination levels.  Moving from Step 1 to Step 2 occurred on June 15, 2021.  Moving from Step 2 to Step 3 is anticipated on July 1, 2021.  It is expected that moving to Step 4, normal resumption of sport, will not occur until September 7, 2021.  


Steps 1-3 limit the number of participants in a sport.  Masking and Social Distancing restrictions as set out in the PHO (Public Health Order) are not required while in the ‘field of play’.  For outrigger canoeing this is interpreted as ‘while in the canoe’.  ‘Contact’ is interpreted to be within 2 meters during participation in the sport.  In the case of OC6, paddlers will be within 2 meters, but as there is no physical contact, this is a low to medium contact intensity.

For more information on ViaSport, BC Restart Plan, CKBC and CORA see the links below.


DOKA Restart OC6 Plan


Restart Manager - responsible for the club Restart Program.  Point of contact for COVID-19 issues in the Club.

Team Leader – responsible for the ‘day-to-day’ management of one team or crew.  Administers the daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire, and monitors compliance with the Protocol during their paddling session.

Maximum number of canoes and participants for practices

Maximum number of paddlers per practice is 25.

Paddlers are allowed to belong to more than one ‘team’.

No drop-ins or guests.  Potential new members must be preregistered and comply with all Protocols, complete (one time only) the Acknowledgement of Risks form, and complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

Before start-up 

The following must be submitted to club ‘Restart Manager’:

  • Each team or crew must submit the name of a Team Leader,

  • Each team must have a roster with names, addresses, telephone and email contact information.  It is recommended to maintain the members of a crew (as a cohort) to reduce the number of contacts,

  • Each paddler must sign the COVID Acknowledgement of Risks, OC6 Participant Agreement, 

  • Any changes to the team roster must be submitted to Restart Manager,

  • Paddlers must use the DOKA website to sign up for every practice. 

Team Leader Duties – (the steersperson or designate)

Undertakes the usual requirements of assigning seating, assessing weather and water conditions

Discuss with paddlers any exposure vulnerabilities or exposures (i.e. age, people who are working and therefore have a higher risk of exposure)   

Keep a list of who was at each practice in case contact tracing is required

Ask each paddler at each practice, the COVID-19 questionnaire posted on the wall of the compound (4 questions see Appendix below)

Ensure paddlers follow club COVID-19 Protocols (regarding contact, wearing masks, etc.).

On Shore Protocol

All Participants must follow social distancing as required by the PHO.

Wearing of masks is optional.

The number of paddlers in the compound must be kept to a minimum.

No OC1 launching or returns are allowed when an OC6 is being moved in the compound, to reduce congestion in the compound.


General routine

Paddlers arrive at Deas Slough compound, maintaining social distance, and wait at the picnic table nearest the OC1 door.

Team Leader will check in each paddler, ask the COVID-19 questionnaire, address any concerns.

Canoes are loaded onto wheels and launched as usual.

Only one canoe is allowed on the dock at one time.  OC1 can beach launch or wait until the dock is clear.

If there is congestion on the dock, the canoe must wait upland until the dock is clear.

On returning to the dock, if there is congestion the canoe must wait on the water until the dock has cleared.  

Practices will be scheduled as much as possible to avoid dock congestion.  DOKA will coordinate practice times, as much as possible, with DDRC.


On water protocols

Paddlers will maintain social distancing as much as possible, and eliminate any physical contact.

Paddlers may feel more comfortable wearing masks for some or all of the practice.

Canoes should not raft up, draft, paddle single file even if 2 meters apart, or paddle in close proximity to each other.


Cleaning Canoes

Minimise splashing when washing and bailing out the canoe.

The inside and outside of the canoe should be washed and wiped down.  

Covers should be replaced.



Each paddler is expected to use their own PFD and paddle. If a paddler requires the use of club equipment, this equipment shall be washed after each use.


Outbreak Plan

If a paddler gets tested for COVID-19, regardless of whether they have paddled in the last 10 days, they must immediately contact the Club President.  Team members will be notified while awaiting results.

All club members will be notified by email.

The Restart Manager will coordinate with the Club President and the appropriate Health Authority and follow all their directions on contact tracing and potential quarantining. 

The canoe, any club equipment used, and common touch surfaces in the compound, will be cleaned and sanitized


If 2 or more members of DOKA test positive for COVID-19, an outbreak will be declared.

In addition to the above actions, all OC6 paddling may be suspended for 14 days.

Further information

BC Restart Plan

BC's Restart: A plan to bring us back together - Province of British Columbia (

ViaSport return to Play Plan

Return_to_Sport_Restart_2.0._Chart_06-08.pdf (

CKBC Bulletin 2021 08 Return to Play Updates  May/June 2021

CORA OC6/OC12 resumption

BC OC6 / OC12 - Resumption - Canadian Outrigger Racing Association



COVID -19 Daily Questionnaire

  1. Have you come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19

  2. Have you travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days?

  3. Are you feeling ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19 as listed on the practice sign-up page?

  4. Are you waiting for COVID-19 test results?